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Register as a Bidder (Buyer) on bidproc Portal and participate in Forward eAuctions conducted by premium companies in the Sultanate of Oman.

Join as Auctioneer

Register as an Auctioneer on bidproc, an eAuction system implemented in Oman for the disposal of Excess Goods, Scrap and more.

Register as bidproc Auctioneer

Benefits for bidproc Bidders

  • Dedicated Login & Dashboard with detailed display of eAuctions and eTenders support tools.
  • Create eProfile and edit it anytime ensuring high visibility to Events Authority (Auctioneers or Tendering Authorities).
  • Display yourself as an Omani SME to avail special benefits from Events Authority (Auctioneer or Tendering Authority).
  • Stay informed of upcoming Events (eAuctions and eTenders) & easily participate in them.
  • Maintain detailed reports of all Events (eAuctions and eTenders) participated by you.
  • Avail continuous online support for utilization of your bidproc Bidder Dashboard.
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Benefits for bidproc Events Authority

  • Integrate Events Authority's (Auctioneer or Tendering Authority) own Bidder pool or the bidproc Bidder Pool.
  • Fully Supported Events (eAuctions and eTenders) assure hassle free end-to-end event management (pre & post-Event).
  • Transparent environment with detailed reports and audit trails of events conducted.
  • Affordable costs per event to value gained.
  • Detailed Dashboard to view, select and identify Bidder segments.
  • Option to select Omani MSMEs for Events (eAuction or eTender), in a bid to support them develop their capital assets.
  • Continued Support during Event (eAuction or eTender) duration.

bidproc Services

bidproc assists you through every stage of the Event (eAuction or eTender):

Event (eAuction or eTender) creation • Bidder invitation • Qualification and selection • Conducting Events (eAuctions or eTenders) • Professional post- Event (eAuction or eTender) management.

bidproc end-to-end Events (eAuctions or eTenders) solutions handles it all for you.

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Forward eAuctions

Conduct fully supported Forward eAuctions, with the validated bidproc Bidder pool.

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Reverse eAuctions

Use this to get the best deals from your eAuction activities. Live bidding with well-trained and qualified bidders, ensure better procurement results.

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Automate & conduct the entire Tendering process online, from creating tender documents, inviting Bidders, all the way to tender awards & post-tender audit trails.

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Why choose bidproc

Validated Bidder Pool

Find the best bidder for your goods being disposed, and for the supplies or services that you need to procure.

Flexible Processes

Tailored to your requirements, bidproc ensures your Event (eAuction or eTender) needs are customized and implemented to compliance.

Transparency and Security

bidproc Event (eAuction or eTender) processes comply with highest levels of security and transparency.

World Class Support

bidproc provides the best support system (call, email, chat) ensuring a smooth Event (eAuction or eTender) process.

Significant Analytics

Improvise, make comparisons and optimise with our post-Event (eAuction or eTender) reports and audit trails.

Recurring Events (eAuctions or eTenders)

Easy and quick set up of your Events (eAuctions or eTenders) that are needed frequently in your company.


bidproc, driven by businessgateways, is a fully outsourced eAuction and eTendering model, enabling corporate organizations in Oman to dispose and purchase their assets in a transparent and compliant environment, delivering more value to Events Authorities (Auctioneers or Tendering Authorities) and Bidders.

bidproc uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Read More.
bidproc uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Read More.