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How a Top Fuel Marketing Company in Oman used bidproc Events to Dispose Excess & Used Goods

bidproc case study

Oman Oil Marketing Company SAOG (OOMCO), an Omani fuel marketing company, were in need of an online disposal solution to help in actively disposing their Excess & Used Goods in an efficient and productive manner.

OOMCO decided to host their disposals on bidproc, through an online eAuction Event. The bidproc Team collected all information and supported OOMCO in hosting the eAuction Event: Disposal of Used and Excess Goods (Tanks, Dispensers, Pumps, and Other Items), across bidproc’s Bidder Pool. The bidproc Team helped OOMCO conduct the eAuction Event on, which led to forming a healthy & competitive environment amongst the Bidders. And the net result of this competition? OOMCO ended up with considerable* returns on this single Disposal Event.

*actual value withheld due to privacy.

Challenges faced by OOMCO on Hosting an eAuction Online

OOMCO faced three issues with hosting their Event online:

  • 1. Bidder Sourcing: not being able to find bidders for the excess goods they have.
  • 2. Not having Reports & Audit trails: finding reporting system and system that tracks process from the beginning to the end.
  • 3. Operational & Admission Support: they wanted a team that can help them outsource the Event.

Why OOMCO chose bidproc

OOMCO was already exposed to businessgateways’ support services, and their trust in our Team made it easy for them to choose us. While demonstrating the capabilities of bidproc to the OOMCO’s professional Procurement & Finance Teams, the simple user interfaces, black and white mechanisms of transparency, conformance to security etc., of bidproc, were some of the key elements that played in gaining OOMCO’s trust to deploy bidproc for this Event.

How bidproc responded

bidproc hosted the eAuction: Disposal of Used and Excess Goods (Tanks, Dispensers, Pumps, and Other Items)

The businessgateways Team listened to the OOMCO’s needs, understood their requirements, and started by giving them a detailed demo on the bidproc platform. Next, we ran a dry test on their Event to show them how they could use bidproc and ensure all their stringent disposal policies are met. Then came the aspect of training the OOMCO’s Procurement Team, and Bidders, which was conducted online. And when all these things were set in place, we created the Event: Disposal of Used and Excess Goods (Tanks, Dispensers, Pumps, and Other Items) exhaustively with all required parameters set in place as per the OOMCO’s requirements and launched the Event live. In addition to inviting bidproc’s registered bidder pool of over 200+ verified bidders who matched OOMCO’s Target profile, the bidproc Team also announced the Event to the JSRS Certified Suppliers Network (JSRS CSN), in an attempt to bring in more Bidders. In short, we hand-held OOMCO and Bidders across the full Event, to success.


The Results

During the 30-minute Event, the selected Bidders actively participated with our dedicated support. OOMCO ended up with considerable* returns on this single Disposal Event.

OOMCO generated all reports spanning across Bidder Interest Response Report, Bid History, H1Report which included the Auction Closure Report.

*actual value withheld due to privacy.

Here is what OOMCO had to say about bidproc:

“OOMCO was delighted with the collaboration of BGI in bidproc solutions for OOMCO’s auctions. Auction process was done within suitable duration, with positive results. BGI team was supportive and cooperative starting from bidder sourcing till equipment submissions and payment. Regardless the difficulties faced during the initial and final stages, BGI tried their best to provide satisfied outcomes and successfully finalized the auction. In that case, OOMCO would like to express sincere thanks for the support and efforts offered by BGI to facilitate the auction processes. Looking forward to continuing the fruitful collaboration and partnership.”


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