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Join as Bidder

Register as a Bidder and participate in Forward/Reverse eAuctions conducted by premium companies across the Sultanate.

Benefits for bidproc bidders

  • Stay connected to happening eAuctions in Oman
  • Easy registration & validation
  • Single registration entitling continued eAuction invitations
  • Visibility to all auctioneers, enabling more invitations to eAuctions
  • Private dashboard with ability to change preferences anytime
  • Maintain event history
  • Continued online user support & training

Join as Auctioneer

Register as an Auctioneer and conduct professional eAuction Events targeting Oman SMEs, Large Corporates & International Bidders towards Disposal or Procurement activities.

Benefits for bidproc Auctioneers

  • Avail fully outsourced eAuction events
  • Utilize own bidder pool or bidproc's bidder pool
  • Generate savings through transparent methodology
  • Support development for Omani companies through Oman-first bidder preference option
  • Offer equal opportunities to bidders, creating a level playing platform
  • Access detailed reports & analytics
  • Seamless start to end process