Forward eAuctions

Conduct successful Forward eAuctions.

bidproc supports you to conduct Forward eAuctions with validated bidders from the bidproc bidder pool. Post-eAuction management which includes detailed reports and audit trails offer a fully compliant eAuction experience.

Why eAuction with bidproc

Increased Revenue

Find the best bidder for your goods being disposed, adhering to all compliances.

Paperless Transactions

eAuctions support green environment with a no-paper policy.

Flexible Process

Tailored to your requirements, bidproc ensures your specific eAuction needs are customized and implemented to compliance.

Transparency & Security

bidproc eAuctions complies with highest levels of security and transparency.

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Benefits for bidproc Bidders:

  • Dedicated Login & Dashboard with detailed display of eAuctions & eAuction support tools.
  • Create eProfile and edit it anytime ensuring high visibility of bidder to Auctioneer.
  • Display yourself as an Omani SME to avail special benefits from Auctioneers.
  • Stay informed of upcoming eAuctions & easily participate in them.
  • Maintain detailed reports of all eAuctions participated by you.
  • Avail continuous online support for utilization of your bidproc Bidder Dashboard.

Benefits for bidproc Auctioneers:

  • Integrate Auctioneer’s own Bidder pool or the bidproc Bidder Pool.
  • Fully Supported eAuctions assure hassle free end-to-end event management (pre & post-eAuction).
  • Transparent environment with detailed reports and audit trails of events conducted.
  • Affordable costs per event to value gained.
  • Detailed Dashboard to view, select and identify bidder segments.
  • Option to select Omani SMEs for eAuctions, in a bid to support them develop their capital assets.
  • Continued Support during event duration.

Forward eAuction vs Reverse eAuction

Forward eAuction

  • Bidders are the Buyers
  • Auctioneer is the Seller
  • Used to sell or dispose goods
  • Highest bid wins
  • Dispose or sell excess goods, unused goods, scrap, used vehicles and equipment

Reverse eAuction

  • Bidders are the Sellers
  • Auctioneer is the Buyer
  • Used to buy supplies or services
  • Lowest bid wins
  • Procure or buy raw materials, supplies and services like construction, accounting and more