About bidproc

What is bidproc?

bidproc is a SAAS based integrated eTendering & eAuction Platform, capable of delivering enterprise level requirements, empowering Procurement Managers, Finance Managers and Management to conduct and monitor their company’s Procurement & Disposal Events, effectively. bidproc is launched by businessgateways International (BGI), an ITES organisation implementing national level technology-driven projects in the Sultanate of Oman.

What are the Events that take place on bidproc?

Events on bidproc are conducted by corporate companies, auction houses, government and other major entities. Type of Events on bidproc include:

  • eTenders (Closed Bid Procurement & Disposal Events)
  • Forward eAuction (For Disposal Events)
  • Reverse eAuction (For Procurement Events)
Who are the stakeholders of bidproc Events?
  • Events Authority (eTendering & eAuction)
  • Bidders (bidproc bidders & Event’s Authority’s own bidders)
  • Technology & Support (BGI)

bidproc Event Authorities

Who are Events Authorities on bidproc?

Event Authorities are companies / entities who conduct an eTendering or eAuction Event on bidproc.

Can an Events Authority, conduct both eTenders and eAuctions on bidproc?

Yes, an Events Authority can conduct both eTenders and eAuctions.

Can an Events Authority integrate their activities on bidproc to their internal IT System?

Yes, bidproc can be customised through web-integrations.

Can an Events Authority use their own Bidders in their Events?

Yes, Event Authorities can use either the bidproc Bidder Pool or their own Bidders in their Events.

What are the major features of an Events Authority on bidproc?

An Events Authority can create multiple Departments, Users, with varying access rights, create eTendering or eAuction Events customized to their individual business practices, conduct Events, award to selected Bidders & generate detailed reports. In addition, an Events Authority can track the entire Events they have conducted on bidproc, according to the Projects, Locations, Departments & Users.

How can an Events Authority engage on bidproc?

They can either buy an Events Pack and conduct their own Events through the Managed Model, or they can outsource the Entire bidproc Event to BGI, thereby saving on resources through the Outsourced Model.

What is the Managed Model?

Managed Model is where you conduct your own Events, with the support of BGI on (A) propagating your Event to access new Bidders, (B) Training your Users for utilization of bidproc and (C) Platform Support for continued availability.

What is the Outsourced Model?

Outsourced model is where you let BGI conduct your Events, right from propagation to shortlisting of Bidders through Security Deposits Management, conduct of Event, award (done by Events Authority) and generation of reports, all done as per agreed Terms & Conditions.

How can I start using bidproc to conduct my Procurement / Disposal Events?

Click here & submit your enquiry, and our team will contact you, understand your needs and provide you with a Proposal.

Events Authority (eTendering Authority / Auctioneer) Registration

Is there a fee for registering as an Events Authority?

The Events Authority has to pay the Subscription Fee towards chosen Plan.

What are the information to be provided during Events Authority Registration process?

The following are the information an Events Authority company needs to provide during Registration

  • Company Information
  • Event (eTenders / eAuctions Preferences)
  • Goods Type (Excess Goods / Industrial Scarp / Used Vehicles / Used Equipment / Others)

As an Events Authority, is there a separate pack to be selected for Reverse eAuctions and Forward eAuctions?

There is no separate pack to be selected for Reverse eAuctions and Forward eAuctions. The subscription pack has the count for the Events which are common for both Reverse and Forward.

Are there any Limitations to the number of pack that an Events Authority can subscribe to?

An Events Authority can only subscribe to 1 pack at a time.

Is there an Expiry Date for the Registration done for an Events Authority?

There is no Expiry date for the Registration of an Events Authority. A Subscription pack will be allocated to the Events Authority. An expiry date is applicable to the Subscription pack.
When the expiry date of the pack is reached, the Events Authority will not be able to create an Events even if the Event count is still available as unused. The Events Authority will have to request for an extension of the Expiry date towards the Subscription pack.

What happens if the Expiry Date is reached but the pack still has unpublished eTenders / eAuctions?

If the Expiry Date is reached but the pack still has unpublished eTenders / eAuctions, the unpublished Events will not be carried over to the next pack after renewal. It is advisable to use all the subscribed Events before the Expiry Date.

Is there a limit to the number of Items that can be Auctioned / Purchased in one Event?

A maximum of 999 items can be Auctioned during a single Event. Likewise, a maximum of 999 can be sold during an Event, however, anything above 50 may cause performance issue.

Is there a Limit to the number of Events an Events Authority can publish?

Yes. The limit is based on the pack subscribed to by the Events Authority.

Are there any emails / notifications sent to Events Authority on Events conducted in the portal?

Yes, Events Authority will be notified via emails / notifications about the Events conducted in the portal.

bidproc Bidders

Who can become a Bidder on bidproc?

Any company can register themselves as a Bidder to participate in eTenders or eAuctions Events on bidproc

As a Bidder, can I participate in both eTenders as well as eAuctions?

Yes, a Bidder can participate in both eTenders and eAuctions, as long as the Bidder receives a notification to participate in the Event.

As a Bidder, how can I receive a notification to participate in an eTender or eAuction?

Ensure your profile is updated on bidproc and keep checking the announcements on www.bidproc.com for events of your interest. You will also receive timely notifications from the bidproc team via email.

As a Bidder, can I specify if I am interested only in Forward eAuctions or Reverse eAuctions?

Yes, it is possible to specify Bidder interest during Registration. Doing so will ensure you receive only relevant Event invites. Irrespective, you can part take in Events which are open to all or to which you have received an invite.

Is there a limit to the number of eTenders / eAuctions that a Bidder can participate in?

There is no limit to the number of eTenders / eAuctions that a Bidder can participate.

Will I receive any reminder on the Events towards which I have responded with Interest?

Yes, timely reminders via email /notification will be sent before the Start of the Event if you have shown interest to participate and if approved by the Events Authority (in case of an eAuction).

Bidder Registration

Is Bidder Registration Free?

Yes, Registration is free. Policies are subject to change as per discretion of BGI.

What are the information to be provided during Registration?

You can refer to the detailed Help Guide provided on the Registration page . Here is a quick look at the information required from the Bidder during Registration:

  • Company Information
    • Company Address
    • Postal Address
    • Classification
  • Contact Information
    • Events Subscription (eTender / eAuction Preferences)

Is there a deadline to Register on bidproc?

There is no deadline to register on bidproc. Stakeholders can register at any time.

What is Commercial Registration Number?

A Commercial Registration Number (CRN) is a unique Identifier of the registrants on bidproc. The CRN is made up of a combination of numbers and letters and applies to business incorporated primarily limited companies and limited liability partnership.

Login Process on bidproc

After successful registration on bidproc, what is the Login process?

On approval of their registration by Super Admin, the Events Authority will receive the Login Credentials to their registered Email ID.
Using the credentials, the Events Authority must login to the bidproc by clicking on the login button in the bidproc website https://bidproc.com/.

How do I change my password?

The users can change their password:

  • Before login by using the Forgot Password on the Login page or
  • After Login by clicking on the Accounts Settings menu -> Change Password option.

Steps to follow Before Login:

  • Go to the application: www.bidproc.com
  • Click on Login button
  • Click on Forgot Password
  • Enter your registered email address to receive a Link to reset the password
  • You can click on the link provided in your email to change the password provided you have given your correct email ID during registration for Subsidy (or)
  • Enter the New Password and Confirm New Password. Click Submit

Note: The password must have one Character and one Numeric along with one Special Character (!,@,#,$,_,.,(,)). The length of the password must be between 8 to 30 characters.

Steps to follow After Login:

  • Click on Change password from the Accounts Settings option on the Dashboard
  • Enter the Current password
  • Enter the New Password
  • Confirm Password

Note: The password must have one Character and one Numeric along with one Special Character (!,@,#,$,_,.,(,)). The length of the password must be between 8 to 30 characters.

How do I change the registered email address on bidproc?

The User has to contact Support team to change the registered email id.

How do I change my Profile details on bidproc?

Events Authority can change their profile details by navigating to the Side Menu, Profile => Update Company Profile and clicking on the Update button.

Bidders can change their profile details by navigating to the Side Menu, Profile => Update Profile and clicking the Update button.

What to do if my access to bidproc is blocked?

The user has to Contact Support Team to gain access to the application.

User Support

Whom should I contact if I have an issue on bidproc, what is the Login process?

Call the bidproc Support Team: +968 7110 1765

Email Support: enquiry@bidproc.com