Conduct Successful Closed Bid eTenders on bidproc

What is eTendering?

eTendering is the process of conducting procurement online, with the intent of creating an efficient way of sourcing Bidders. With bidproc’s eTendering, you can now conduct a completely Closed Bid eProcurement or eTendering Event. You can also call for a Technical, Commercial Evaluation through eTendering, and then Award the Bidder of your choice or alternatively invite your shortlisted Bidders to a healthy competition through the eAuction feature on bidproc.

eTendering is done seamlessly on bidproc. And that is a unique feature which holds a lot of benefits to your company, to unlock savings / gains, while extensively optimising your resources.

Why eTender with bidproc :

Closed Bid eProcurement / Disposal:

Create an Event (Procurement / Disposal), announce it, receive Bids, Open & Evaluate, thereby comparing the received responses, and Award.

Reports & Audit Trails

Events on bidproc are black and white. Every action across an Event is captured and presented to you through various Reports. The Audit Trail feature gives you a complete history with relevant stamps, which doubles as an Internal Audit Report of the Event for you. No more ambiguity in an Event. Several Reports at every stage: on Publish, during and on Completion of an Event.

Easy to Use

bidproc User Experience delivers effective and organised eTendering Events, designed to avoid unnecessary paperwork during bids, while offering easy to use interfaces for your users, leading to saving time and tedious effort by your Teams.

Compliance Reinforced

Implement total compliance in Event Creation and in Bidding Process as sufficient reminders are sent on Bid Submissions thereby ensuring Bids are submitted.

Enterprise Level Management:

Set specific roles to Users of your Organization, and manage all your Events (eTendering & eAuction), across your Branches and Departments, through the robust Administration feature on bidproc.

Templates and Workflows

Create a Tender using existing templates or import your own into bidproc. Assign Workflows with clear approval matrices. Conduct the Event easily. Repeat for all Procurement & Disposal Events.

Total Transparency

bidproc allows easy standardization & publishing of documents, in direct collaboration with other Events Authorities within your company, preventing all bias or preferential treatments.

Secure Submissions

On bidproc, we maintain total confidentiality of Bids using the AES 256 byte encryption on bids.

bidproc supports both you and your Bidders, leading to successful Events.

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Benefits for bidproc Bidders:

  • Dedicated Login & Dashboard with detailed display of eTenders support tools.
  • Create eProfiles and edit it anytime ensuring high visibility to eTendering Authority.
  • Display yourself as an Omani SME to avail special benefits from eTendering Authority.
  • Stay informed of upcoming Events & easily participate in them.
  • Maintain detailed reports of all Events participated by you.
  • Avail continuous online support for utilization of your bidproc Bidder Dashboard.

Benefits for bidproc eTendering Authority

  • Integrate eTendering Authority’s own Bidder pool or the bidproc Bidder Pool.
  • Fully Supported Events assure hassle free end-to-end Event management (pre & post-Event).
  • Transparent environment with detailed reports and audit trails of Events conducted.
  • Affordable costs per event to value gained.
  • Detailed Dashboard to view, select and identify Bidder segments.
  • Option to select Omani MSMEs for Events, in a Bid to support them develop their capital assets.
  • Continued Support during Event duration.

eTender (Purchase) Vs eTender (Sell)

eTender (Purchase)

  • Used to conduct – CLOSED BIDS for Purchase of Goods / Services
  • Bidders are the Sellers
  • Auctioneer is the Buyer
  • Used to buy Supplies or Services
  • Secured Bids which are encrypted until eTender Opening & Evaluation
  • On Opening Bid envelopes, Bidders are ranked as L1, L2, … Ln
  • Purchase Order (PO) is issued based on Evaluation process
  • Procure or buy Raw Materials, Goods and Services like Construction, Electrical, Accounting and more

eTender (Sell)

  • Used to conduct – CLOSED BIDS for Disposal of Goods
  • Bidders are the Buyers
  • eTendering Authority is the Seller
  • Used to sell or dispose Goods
  • Secured Bids which are encrypted until eTender Opening & Evaluation
  • On Opening Bid envelopes, Bidders are ranked as H1, H2, H3, … Hn
  • Purchase Order (PO) is issued based on Evaluation process
  • Dispose or sell Excess Goods, Unused Goods, Scrap, Used Vehicles and Equipment