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How a Top Oil & Gas Company in Oman used bidproc Events to make significant gains in their procurement

MB Petroleum Services LLC, one of Oman’s leading Oil & Gas Companies, frequently hires Contract
Equipment from the Unorganized Sector which leases them the Equipment on a monthly basis. These hires usually run into year-long contracts, creating a large volume of spend. This time, however, MBPS was convinced to try the commercial negotiations on bidproc, through an online Reverse eAuction Event. The bidproc Team collected all information and supported MBPS in hosting the eAuction Event: Procurement of Contract Equipment Hires, with their regular set of Suppliers. The bidproc Team helped MBPS conduct the Reverse eAuction Event on, which led to forming a healthy & competitive environment amongst the bidders. And the net result of this competition? MBPS ended up with considerable* savings on this single procurement Event, which when calculated over the year, showed a significant impact on spend savings, across their yearly hire costs alone.

*actual value withheld due to privacy.

Challenges faced by MBPS on Hosting an eAuction Online

MBPS faced three issues with hosting their Event online:

  • 1. Concerns whether online eAuctions would conform to their strict procurement & internal audit policies of Supplier Engagement.
  • 2. MBPS was new to the deployment of Reverse eAuctions in Procurement of Contract Equipment Hires.
  • 3. Suppliers to this Event (being from the Unorganized Sector) would be reluctant to participate in such tech-based Events, owing to low technical knowledge.

Why MBPS chose bidproc

MBPS was already exposed to businessgateways support services, and their trust in our Team made it easy for them to choose us. While demonstrating the capabilities of bidproc to the MBPS’ professional Procurement & Finance Teams, the simple user interfaces, black and white mechanisms of transparency, conformance to security etc., of bidproc, were some of the key elements that played in gaining MBPS’ trust to deploy bidproc for this Event.

How bidproc responded

bidproc hosted the forward eAuction: Procurement of Contract Equipment Hires

The businessgateways Team listened to the MBPS’ needs, understood their requirements, and started by giving them a detailed demo on the bidproc platform. Next, we ran a dry test on their Event to show them how they could use bidproc and ensure all their stringent procurement policies are met. Then came the aspect of training the MBPS’ Procurement Team, and Bidders, which was conducted online. And when all these things were set in place, we created the Event: Procurement of Contract Equipment Hires exhaustively with all required parameters set in place as per the MBPS’ requirements and launched the Event live. In addition to the MBPS’ set of existing Suppliers, we also invited bidproc's registered bidder pool of over 150+ verified bidders who matched the MBPS’ Target profile and announced the Event to the JSRS Certified Suppliers Network (JSRS CSN), in an attempt to bring in more bidders. In short, we hand-held MBPS and Bidders across the full Event, to success.


The Results

During the 4-hour Event, the selected Bidders actively participated with our dedicated support.MBPS ended up with considerable* savings on this single procurement Event, which when calculated over the year, showed an extensive impact on spend savings, across their yearly hire costs alone.

MBPS generated all reports spanning across Bidder Report, L1 Report which included Audit Trails of the bidding process, ensuring all their stringent policies were met.

*actual value withheld due to privacy.

Here is what MBPS had to say about bidproc:

“We, MB Petroleum Services LLC, have subscribed bidproc services after going through a detailed demo. We found the application is set up very well to meet industry requirements and has the flexibility built-in to meet most type of bid process. We have no hesitation in recommending the same to any anyone who may want to use it.”

Saiprasad Bavabeedu
Head of Supply Chain Management
MB Petroleum Services LLC

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