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13 June

businessgateways is pleased to welcome Ali AlDohh Legal Company as an Auctioneer on bidproc, an international eTendering & eAuction Platform. Suppliers / Buyers can now register as a Bidder on to participate in eTenders (Closed bids) and Forward & Reverse (Disposal & Procurement) eAuctions conducted by Ali AlDohh Legal Company.

About Ali AlDohh Legal Company:

Ali AlDohh Legal Company is a reputable organisation committed to enhancing companies' financial and structural capabilities, providing them with a secure pathway to stability. With a strong work ethic and a proven track record, the company has earned a reputation as a trusted and reliable company. Ali AlDohh Legal Company’s expertise lies in auditing, taxation, and consultancy, and strives for excellence in achieving objectives and delivering high-quality results.

bidproc eTendering & eAuctions platform

bidproc, driven by businessgateways, is a state of the art eAuction platform enabling corporate organizations to conduct their disposal or procurement events in a transparent and fully compliant environment.

While bidproc eAuctions are offered on a SaaS based subscription model, the fully Outsourced eAuction Model offered by businessgateways, offers end-to-end eAuction solutions assisting Auctioneers through every stage of the eAuction event, enabling savings on resources, effort & time, in addition to making potential gains through the eAuction event.

Register as a Bidder and participate in Forward/Reverse eAuctions conducted by Qahtani Auction Company (SQC) and other International companies around the World.

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Register as an Auctioneer and conduct professional eAuction Events targeting your Country’s MSMEs, Large Corporates & International Bidders towards Disposal or Procurement activities.

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