Bidder Registration


The bidproc Portal enables interested participants to Register on the portal to engage in the e-Procurement activities.

A registration process is available to Bidders who want to participate in the Events floated via the Portal.

Steps to register on bidproc
  • Interested Bidders can register by clicking on the Register Now button available on the top right corner of the Home page.
  • The Register Now button will direct you to the Registration page where you can click on Bidder, to continue your registration as a Bidder.
  • Or click on the Register as bidproc Bidder available in the Home page

Bidder Registration page

  • You will be directed to the Bidder Registration Form

The Bidder Registration mandates to fill in certain information and those fields are marked with an Asterix (*)

Note: Please fill out all the necessary fields marked with an asterisk (*) symbol before clicking Next.

Bidder Registration Process comprises of two sections:

  • Company Information
  • Contact Information

Under Company Information, the following fields are to be filled.

Company Information

National / International*

bidproc application is implemented for the e-Procurement activities at Oman. So, it's necessary to mention whether you're a National or an International company.

  • If you're an International Company, wishing to register as a bidder. Select International in the Dropdown.
  • If you 're an Omani Company, wishing to register as a bidder. Select National in the Dropdown.
  • Additionally, Omani companies need to fill in the following fields:
    • Style of Incorporation* - if your company is a sole proprietor, a joint-partnership firm, a Non-profit organisation or a public sector company.
    • Company Head Count* - The total number of employees in your company.
    • Company Annual Sales* - The Annual sales your company has reached in the past year(s).
    • Note: Please click the Lookup button on the right to view company classification in terms of Head count and Annual sales.


The country dropdown is enabled only for the International Companies, for National Companies the selected country would be Oman.

  • Select your respective country in the dropdown menu under Country.
Company Name*
  • Enter the full name of your Company without any abbreviations. (Min. allowed character is 3, Max. allowed characters is 200)
Commercial Registration No*
  • The commercial Registration number is a unique number that will identify your company or limited partnership and verify its legal existence as an incorporated entity. Please enter your Company CR No.
Commercial Registration Document*
  • Once you have filled in your company CR number, you are requirede to upload your CR documents for further verification. The documents must be uploaded in PDF. A maximum of three (3) files (Each 1 MB) can be uploaded.
Date of Establishment*
  • The date of establishment of a company is the date on which that company chooses to claim as its starting point. It is mandatory that you enter your company's date of establishment.
JSRS Supplier Code*
  • A Joint Supplier Registration System (JSRS) is a 'single window' supplier registration and certification system implemented on behalf of the Ministry of Oil & Gas, Oman as an industrywide procurement system. The JSRS Supplier Code is crucial for companies that wish to tap into operator opportunities in Oman.
  • If your company is JSRS Certified, please fill out the JSRS Supplier Code here.
Office Address*/State*/City*
  • Please fill out your company's valid office address along with relevant state and city.
  • Note: In case of National Registration where Country is Oman, the State and City can be selected from the dropdown menu.

Landline Number*
  • Update with your company's official landline number, with area code and extension.
  • Enter your company's official (functioning) website address.
Email Address*
  • The email address you type here should be valid and belong to a Person of contact in your company. You can add only one email address here.
Confirm Email Address*
  • Re-enter the email address you have typed out in the above section.
Postal Address*
  • Fill in your Address if your company's postal differs for the Office Address.
  • Check the Check Box if your company's postal address is same as the Office Address.
eAuction preferences*
  • You must select the product categories towards which you would prefer to receive eAuctions (Forward eAuction) and the product categories that you'd offer in the eAuctions (Reverse eAuctions). You must select either one of them and choose the product categories that you are interested in buying or selling. You could also take part in both forward and reverse eAuctions if you're interested.
Select Categories (Forward eAuction)
  • Select the product categories from the drop down. You can always select multiple products which you are interested to buy in the Forward eAuction.
  • Select the Type of Goods that you are looking for in the selected categories.
  • The Types of goods available for any selected product category would be
    • Excess Goods
    • Scrap
    • Used Vehicles and Equipment
  • You can select multiple types at the same time.
Select Categories (Reverse eAuction)
  • Select the product categories from the drop down. You can always select multiple products which you are offering in the Reverse eAuction.

Contact Information

  • Fill in the official details of the Person of Contact and click Register to submit your Bidder Registration Form.
Contact Person Name*
  • Enter the name of the Contact Person.
  • Enter the Designation of the Contact Person.
Landline Number*
  • Please update with your company official landline number, complete with area code and extension number (if any).
Mobile No*
  • Enter the Mobile Number of the Contact Person.
Email Address*
  • Enter the email Address of the Contact Person. The email address you type here should be valid and belong to Person of contact in your company. You can add only one email address here.
Confirm Email Address*
  • Re-enter the email address you have typed out in the above section.
  • Note: This email will be used for all correspondence regarding e-Procurement registration.

How did you hear about bidproc?*
  • Select How did you come to know about bidproc from the dropdown below the field.

    Note: If the selected option is either Referral or Others you must mention the Source*

Before registering on as a bidder, please read out Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, tick the box to tell us you agree with the terms, and click Register.

You can click the back button and check or edit your form entries.

On submission of the Bidder Registration form, the Bidder receives a mail on the registered email address asking them to confirm / verify the provided email.

Email confirmation

  • Once you click Register, a confirmation mailer will be sent to your registered mail ID.
  • Upon receiving the mail, confirm your Email ID to begin the validation process for your bidder profile.
  • On confirmation of Bidder email address, Bidders will be redirected to a page thanking them for verifying the mailer and informed that their profile is under Validation Process.
  • When a Bidder clicks on the email Verification link for the second time, they will be redirected to a page that informs them that they have previously verified their email ID and their profile is under validation.

On successful email Verification, the Bidder Profile is subjected to Validation process. The Bidder is notified on the status of the validation process.

Bidder Profile Approved:

If approved, the Bidder receives a mail from where they can Set Password to the portal. After setting the password, the Bidder will gain access to the Dashboard where all Events to which the Bidder is invited will be displayed.

Bidder Profile Rejected:

If Rejected, Bidders are notified via email that their Profile is rejected with the reason and the Bidder is welcome to re-register as a Bidder.