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Here is what Carillion Allawi had to say about bidproc:

"We have used bidproc for Reverse eAuctions on 2 occasions the latest one in Oct 2022, the team at Business Gateways were fantastic, supporting us all the way through the Event, from set up, vendor on boarding & live Event Support. The system is very easy to use and we have achieved great results. Well done to the team especially to Ms Lamees Al Saqri who stayed throughout the entire event and ensured it was conducted in a smooth manner."

Sunil Manazhy MCIPS

Supply Chain Manager - PDO IFM

Carillion Alawi LLC

Here is how a Top Contracting Company in Oman used bidproc Events to meet their immediate procurement needs

Carillion Allawi, one of Oman’s leading Contracting Companies, was procuring face masks from shortlisted Suppliers. Their technical evaluation was completed, and the shortlisted Suppliers were to submit their final prices. Carillion Allawi decided to try bidproc, to enable a healthy competition among the Suppliers, and to arrive at the best price.

The bidproc Team collected all information and supported Carillion Allawi in hosting the eAuction Event: Procurement of Covid-19 Face Masks. The bidproc Team helped Carillion Allawi to conduct a Reverse eAuction Event on,which led to forming a healthy & competitive environment amongst the Bidders. The Bidders were trained by BGI and the Events Authority (Carillion Allawi) was fully supported to conduct the eAuction. And the result? Carillion Allawi was able to make a considerable saving through bidproc eAuctions.

*actual value withheld due to privacy.

Primary Challenge faced by Carillion Allawi

Manual Negotiation:
The primary challenge that Carillion Allawi overcame by using bidproc eAuctions was the factor of negotiating with each Supplier.


Why Carillion Allawi chose bidproc

Carillion Allawi was already exposed to businessgateways' Support Services, and their trust in our Team made it easy for them to choose us. While demonstrating the capabilities of bidproc to Carillion Allawi, the simple user interfaces, black and white mechanisms of transparency, conformance to security etc., of bidproc, and most of all the friendly team at businessgateways, were some of the key elements that played in gaining Carillion Allawi’s trust to deploy bidproc for this Event.

How bidproc responded

bidproc hosted the reverse eAuction: Procurement of Covid-19 Face Masks

The businessgateways Team listened to the Carillion Allawi’s needs, understood their requirements, and started by giving them a detailed demo on the bidproc platform. Next, a dry test on their Event was conducted to show them how they could use bidproc and ensure all their stringent procurement policies are met. Then came the aspect of training the Bidders, which was conducted online. And when all these things were set in place, we helped Carillion Allawi conduct the Event. Crucial elements like creation of the event, setting timelines, bidding format, Bidder selection & approval, Bidder support were all done on behalf of Carillion Allawi.


The Results

Carillion Allawi ended up with considerable* savings on this single procurement Event.

Carillion Allawi generated all reports spanning across Bidder Report, L1 Report which included Audit Trails of the bidding process, ensuring all their stringent policies were met.

*actual value withheld due to privacy.

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